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Default Re: I need some help...

It sure does help! We can get into the nitty gritty later.

I'm not really sure that you even need to use a separate NICs on the servers, just a separate VLAN from the desktops.

I would just configure your desktops all on one subnet and then all of the servers on another.



It will probably be easier to keep all of your servers on the VLAN they are on now and just change the desktops. All you'll have to do is configure the VLAN on your switches, set up the scope and correct options in DHCP, and setup any routes that might be needed.

You really don't need a fully separate physical network, just separate logical networks. I support around 800 users who heavily use our servers directly, plus 4000 that need internet access. We have VLANs based on building/floor and then just one VLAN for our servers. We never have an issue where heavy network between servers negatively effects our customers, even with single Gigabit nics.
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