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Default Re: VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 0 5525

I use Debian Stable with uswsusp.
I suspend to RAM by doing 'echo mem >/sys/power/state' and to disk using 's2disk'. Both directly from the terminal.

1) A VDPAU app doesn't need to be running for this bug to be triggered. It is completely random. Restarting X doesn't help, you need to reload the driver.

2) Granted, suspending/resuming with a VDPAU app running makes the video disappear, giving me just a green rectangle. This is a separate issue. Restarting MPlayer fixes this problem provided that "1)" wasn't also triggered in the process.

I can't seem to get "1)" happen right now, so I'm attaching an older log file I sent to nVidia several months ago.
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