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Default Re: I need some help...

Originally Posted by Q View Post
What kind of position are you in at your company? Do you have separate desktop and network technicians, or are you kind of a one man show?
One man show. I have a kid that's in college to help with the simple stuff, but I'm all they have, so to speak.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
If you want things to run right in your organization, I would highly advise getting all of your desktops on DHCP. It's going to make your life a lot easier in the long run. The good news is, if you are on Active Directory, you can just push out a package and have it set all of your workstations to DHCP. It's how we transitioned years ago (before Q) at my organization. There really shouldn't be that much problem reprogramming your switches or routers.
Ok, my biggest problem is that I am in a medical facility, and I can't afford to be down--not even for 5 minutes. I know that best practices dictate that servers should be on a different subnet than the desktops, and I would love to have it that way.

How much down time are we talking aobut if I was to switch this over?

Originally Posted by Q View Post
If you are dead set on using the separate interfaces on the servers, you should be fine. Just give them an IP address on a separate subnet, make sure to leave the default tateway BLANK!!!!, and plug them all into a dumb switch. You should be fine and even be able to specify servers by netbios name.
I'm not really dead set on it. I am just looking at the resources before me and trying to determine the best way to use them.
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