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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
One man show. I have a kid that's in college to help with the simple stuff, but I'm all they have, so to speak.

Ok, my biggest problem is that I am in a medical facility, and I can't afford to be down--not even for 5 minutes. I know that best practices dictate that servers should be on a different subnet than the desktops, and I would love to have it that way.

How much down time are we talking aobut if I was to switch this over?

I'm not really dead set on it. I am just looking at the resources before me and trying to determine the best way to use them.

Ahhh, now I'm starting to get you. Things are a bit different in a medical facility than they are elsewhere.

In terms of downtime, its hard to tell without knowing how many desktops you have. The Active Directory software push scenario works well where you have a tech in the field that can restart the machine, etc, while you change stuff on the back end. Since you have no support team, this makes things a bit tricky. If you had a night/weekend/or any window of downtime, I think we could come up with a plan to make this work. If your operation is 24/7 its going to take a bit of thought on how to coordinate this. Is this operation all in one building? Separate buildings connected by fibre LAN? Or internet?

If I were you, I would go ahead and do the backbone idea like we just discussed. Even if you have 20-50 servers, it should only take you an hour or two to setup the additional NIC and hookup the switch.
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