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Question SELinux Compatibility

I'm told by the Fedora people that NVIDIA drivers
don't play well with SELinux
. See the thread at

I've used different flavors of Linux: Red Hat (back in the day before Fedora existed), earlier versions of Fedora (thru ver 5.), Ubuntu, and openSUSE, and I've never had a problem installing NVIDIA drivers for my GEForce 7200 GS card (or any other NVIDIA card I've ever had) on any of these previous releases and flavors of Linux (although openSUSE has special RPM builds of your drivers) until I recently decided to give Fedora 12 a whirl and that led to the post on the Fedora forums linked above.

So I wanted to ask NVIDIA what their position is on SELinux (and Fedora's Nouveau project) and what you all are doing to make your drivers play well with it?

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