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Very late... but this instruction fixed my problem:
after installing the nvidia driver it did not make any atempts to work on startup alltough I changed nv to nvidia as the driver in XF86Config-4. The system started but X was not available.
"modprobe nvidia" showed that the driver could be loaded and after that I was able to run X with "startx".
with the instructions below I was able to activate X directly at the startup including the new driver.
I run Mandrake 9.1 and have a Gforce 200mx.

Last but not least: Thank you

/sbin/modprobe nvidia
, then, if no errors,

Start off as your normal user (not root).

If that works, then make sure alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia is in /etc/modules.conf, and run /sbin/depmod -a. [/b][/quote]
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