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Default Re: Improved ION IGP w/better VDPAU support?

Originally Posted by jalyst View Post
yeah I've seen some claim that much of the hd mpeg stuff that isn't accelerated, is still handled well by the dual-cores, so i guess its not a 'biggy'..

The tricky part now is deciding if I just want to get the raw components, or a ready built system like an acer revo?

Also, I think I recall seeing an ITX mobo that actually used Core2 CPU's and the same sort of IGP, guess it'd have much more of a premium though...
I had the exactly same issue a few month ago.
Bottom line is :

- Do you need big hard drive(s) (or multiple hard drives) --> Yes ? --> raw components
- Do you use something specific for sound ? (few ready built systems have a coax audio output for exemple, and onboard analog audio really suck for true "hi-fi" fanatics like me). yes ? --> raw components
- Do you wish to have a BR drive/burner ?
- Do you have computer parts that you wish to reuse (big hard drive, optical drives...) --> row components

For all those questions, the answer __in my case__ lead me to build my own system.

There's a dozen reliable ION mini-ITX motherboards so pick the one that fits your need (dual Atom ? onboard Wifi ? onboard Blue-tooth ? coax numerical audio out ? ). Some Zotacs even have an included power supply.

The hardest part for me was finding the exactly right computer case. I needed to reuse 2 normal hard drives (not 2.5in hdd like in laptops), a normal 5.25in optical drive, a passive PSU, and a WAF compliant design. I went for the Gigabyte MIB T5140, but only because it became available in stores before the Thermaltake Element Q, which was also a good choice for my needs.

Good luck
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