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Default hibernate/resume problem and solution with MX/MX 400 under 96.43 driver

I have a desktop computer with the GeForce2 MX/MX 400 graphics card. Previously I worked under openSUSE 10.3 Linux with the nvidia-96.31 driver, which worked perfectly. Recently, I upgraded my operating system to openSUSE 11.2, which uses the kernel unsupported by the 96.31 driver, so that I had to install the 96.43 driver. I tried both 96.43.11 rpm package form "" and the 96.43.14 package from "" and experienced the same problem.

After I had suspended the computer to disk (hibernated it) and resumed, I found that the mouse cursor was flickering and had a flickering false double that jumped over the screen; the several upper lines of pixels on the screen were flickering; the borders of the windows were dashed. Moreover within 30-60 seconds the computer freezed finally, and I had to reboot it by the reset button. The only thing to save the computer from freeze was to do "telinit 3" as a root.

The same thing took place even when I broke the hibernation process while saving the ram image and thus resumed the computer without real hibernation.

Surely, I read carefully the instructions and had kernel agpgart disabled and the "NvAGP" parameter set to "1". To cure this I spend in vain several days, trying to disable some modules and changing different kernel parameters.

The solution turned out to be surprisingly simple. I use the pm-utils, so that I added to the file "/etc/suspend.conf" the line

splash = n

After I had done it, the resume from hibernation works perfectly. I suppose that the switching to the suspend splash screen conflicts somehow with the NvAGP state saving function.
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