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Default Re: Improved ION IGP w/better VDPAU support?

Some great points thanks!
Actually I just realised that the Essence ST + H6 I bought would have to go into my Media Front-End, so a pre-built system won't do!

I'm guessing most content will be streamed from my Myth Backend /NAS so heaps of storage isn't a big deal.
1x 3.5" 1TB should be plenty, maybe even just an cheap-arse SSD?!

I seem to hear Zotac mentioned a lot so I'll have a closer look at their mobo's.
Thanks also for the case selections!

I'm not going to be picky, I've been far too anal w/other systems I've been designing lately and time is now of the essence!

Originally Posted by Ubuntaqua View Post
I had the exactly same issue a few month ago.
Bottom line is :

- Do you need big hard drive(s) (or multiple hard drives) --> Yes ? --> raw components
- Do you use something specific for sound ? (few ready built systems have a coax audio output for exemple, and onboard analog audio really suck for true "hi-fi" fanatics like me). yes ? --> raw components
- Do you wish to have a BR drive/burner ?
- Do you have computer parts that you wish to reuse (big hard drive, optical drives...) --> row components

For all those questions, the answer __in my case__ lead me to build my own system.

There's a dozen reliable ION mini-ITX motherboards so pick the one that fits your need (dual Atom ? onboard Wifi ? onboard Blue-tooth ? coax numerical audio out ? ). Some Zotacs even have an included power supply.

The hardest part for me was finding the exactly right computer case. I needed to reuse 2 normal hard drives (not 2.5in hdd like in laptops), a normal 5.25in optical drive, a passive PSU, and a WAF compliant design. I went for the Gigabyte MIB T5140, but only because it became available in stores before the Thermaltake Element Q, which was also a good choice for my needs.

Good luck
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