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Default Re: UT2K3 DM-Icetomb performance feedback needed ASAP!

Originally posted by Flavius
Hey all, something is very odd with my 5900 clocked at 450/850 and 25.33 drivers in XP. It scores what it should in the 3DMarks. However, even when I play with 1024x768x32 4XAA/4XAF Quality with UT2K3 settings maxed, I drop to 17 FPS while in-game in DM-Icetomb, and once in a while down to SIX FPS! Yeah, a slideshow! Turning off AA/AF entirely, I still get FPS as low as 25 at 1024x768! That seems unreal, no pun intended, especially since Antalus and other maps run in the 40s at their slowest with 4XAA/8XAA! Can anyone reproduce this? Can anyone with an ATI card confirm this map is pretty fast? Numbers please? Thanks!
I saw a nice increase(about 10fps more)on this map using the 52.13 dets with my 5600Ultra and the IQ is very good.
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