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Default Re: What Windows 7 antivirus are you guys using?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
@Q - I do remember Blaster. And I did manage to stay virus-free, having legal OS, all updates, and great firewall solution. Same as plenty of other people. Once every 3 months or so I do install antivirus, scan my PC (it never finds anything) and uninstall it.
If you trust your brain so much you would have no need to rely on antivirus scanning every 3 months.
While better than not doing anything, your plan is not very smart. Inbetween those 3 months your computer could get infected and crash or prevent you from even installing an antivirus later and scanning your system.

I suggest you install an antivirus program that has low impact on the speed of your computer and forget about it.
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