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My God, some of you guys need to really lighten up... the tirades you go on in defense of nVidia or to attack my postings could keep a psychiatrist busy for months

As I have said explicitly *many* times, I do not fault nVidia for not prioritizing this bug, I only fault them for two things:
1. Not responding to or acknowledging the bug so that those who are affected have some idea where we stand and what we can do about it
2. Publicly posting misleading comments about how they "responded to [me] several times" despite the fact that no matter how many ways I have tried to get through to nVidia, they have never responded to address the problem except on this thread where Andy talks about trying to contact me.

Finally, I want to clarify that I do give nVidia *high* marks for supporting Linux (even though the drivers are closed source). My low marks are for Linux *customer* support where carefully crafted bug reports and troubleshooting are seemingly ignored. In retrospect, I should have added the word "customer" to the thread title.

Of course, this type of situation illustrates precisely the problem with closed source drivers -- one is left at the total whim of the driver provider to fix bugs whether big or small.
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