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Default Re: SELinux Compatibility

Originally Posted by Milena View Post
Fedora 12 and SELinux has not problems with the Nvidia Driver, its a rpmfusion thing. The Installer and Driver from works flawless as expected. All you have to do is to deactivate Nouveau by adding a command to the Kernel line in your grub.conf (nouveau.modeset=0).
I was quoting what people involved with the Nouveau project were saying. I did install the nVIDIA driver but after some other F12 annoyances I switched (back) to openSUSE, but I wanted to hear from nVIDIA what their stance/position is with respect to SELinux since the Fedora people claimed that there are issues with nVIDIA's drivers and SELinux.

So if anyone at nVIDIA happens upon this thread please chime in.

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