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Default Artifically limiting usable resolution in X or WM to compensate for overscan?

I have a CRT HDTV that I'm feeding via a DVI->HDMI cable. The video is crisp and good, the colors are accurate, and the vertical refresh syncing works. Hurray.

The only problem is that my display overscans like nobody's business, and I can't see about 100px on either side and about 40px on the top and bottom. That means all of my navigational content is where I can't see it. Scroll bars, menu bars, nav bars, control icons, blah blah blah. It's pretty miserable.

I don't really care to try and do anything fancy. I don't need 1:1 pixel mapping - this is an analog screen, it just doesn't matter. I don't need to get my full resolution - 1920x1080 is already way more than I need for basic media playback and internet browsing.

Is there an easy way to have an effective resolution below that represented by the display mode? Effectively the goal is to just ignore the existence of all of the pixels outside of a predefined window.

I've done a lot of google searching and found that there are fairly extremely in-depth solutions involving custom modelines and ignoring EDID values. These seem like they're aimed at people who are really trying to be accurate about this business and get exactly placement and 1:1 mapping. I just don't care. Surely there's a simpler way. Does anybody know what that is? My vague feeling is that this is something that should be taken care of either at the X level or the window manager level, but certainly not the application level.

Any help is very much appreciated!
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