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Default Re: Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Official Thread

Originally Posted by Crow_Nest View Post
I cant run the game, it worked once but that was the only time the game ran.

When i launch it plays the AMD intro vid then crashes saying the .exe has stopped working. Other people are also getting the same problem, and they all happen to be HD 5850 users who got the game bundled with the sapphire 5850.

Anyone else getting this problem? Installing the ATI driver hotfix only made the intro video pixleated and didnt solve anything.
thats bull**** man AMD and codemasters can go screw

in fact AMD should ask for some money back for that ****

Originally Posted by Burnt_Ram View Post
is you desktop 1600x1200? if i set my desktop to 1600x1200 the game will launch at that rez, go figure. stupid console port lol
Yes, Yes it is

But its stayed @ 2048x1536 when I set it there
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