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Default Re: Improved ION IGP w/better VDPAU support?

You mean at the edge of the board where the last last PCI slot is plug the main card; then just screw the H6 into the PCI bracket alongside the bracket used by the ST & forget about not being able slot the H6 into a PCI/e slot? (its designed to do that but doesnt actually have any lanes)

You sure there's no ION-based board with more than one slot? I guess if you go more than one it's no longer an Mini-ITX board.
Hmm, maybe there's ION boards that are Micro-ATX? worth checking you reckon?

If not I'll just have to get a pricier/hotter/electricity guzzling core2 based system... sigh... 330am, night.

Originally Posted by Ubuntaqua View Post
For you sound card, it's ok. Just use a normal micro-ATX case, you can plug your card to the PCI slot, and attach your daugther card below on the chassis, can you not ?
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