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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by Son Goku View Post
Getting gear these days is like nothing, at least until 3.3 and ICC.
Thats bull,its only true if you are in a raiding guild,the achievement system largely prevents access to most HC dungeons/raid pugs.You can't even take a piss without showing a achievement for it first.I play on a PVP server,before you didn't really need raiding.You could still get decent pvp gear,weapons etc by playing a ****load of battlegrounds or some arena.But not anymore,you cannot even get a damn wand over item level 178 without arena ranking/hc dungeons and that's complete crap.Sure,you can buy/craft 200 level weapons (not a wand mind you) but level 200 isn't enough for the epic achievement that you also have to link now (you need itemlevel 213 in each slot,all my chars are full deadly/furious geared with wintergrasp legs/trinkets but none has weapons over 200)

Now all you see in trade is link achievement this and that/come to middle dalaran for gearcheck like some damn covert mission crap.It's obvious that blizzard is trying to force people into playing raids etc even if they don't enjoy it,now you can't even buy arena weapons with 2v2 ranking,you have to play 3v3 or 5v5 and you need a ranking of atleast 1800.I actually enjoyed voa,it was quick but that started the whole achievement hysteria,after they introduced the second wing and a lot of pugs started to fail you could never get a group again if you can't link the achievement for it.Now they've added a third wing but if you don't have time/gear to join a raiding guild that content isn't available anymore since you have to provide a ach link but you can't because you can't get a freaking group without it.Catch 22,great
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