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Default Re: Just picked up a PSP-3001

Sorry almost forgot I posted this. Yeah I'll see if I can put a small vid together. The browsing is really pretty fast. It's not as fast as my desk top by a long shot. Takes about 5 sec to connect to my Wlan and takes about 4-5sec to load NVnews main forum page. The ads are what slow it down it seems. Mostly I've been watching movies and playing AC bloodlines and GTA on it. Tekken is awesome too, very smooth and responsive and so many characters moves to learn. I've been using skype allot too. On my 2gb card I'm able to fit about 6 full length movies. I just downloaded a MOH Heros demo/FPS. It's okay, I also downloaded the Killzone Liberation demo and it's fun. The screen is nice and bright. I understand it wasn't so bright before. I still haven't updated to the latest firmware I'm waiting to see it something happens. They are right on the brink of a new homebrew firmware set and if I upgrade I might not be able to get it. It's a fun toy. I'll try to get a vid made for you guys.
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