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Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I mean sure it's his forum and he took the 3 minutes it takes to implement such a thing.
Thanks crainger!

I'm glad you appreciate my leet IT skills, most of which add no value, yet cost customers a hell of alot of money. Call me old school, but I delivered superior products at a lower cost when developers worked with directly with customers.

Now, before I made any changes to implement the spoiler tags, I was required to author the following documents for customers, who don't know what the **** they want, and for developers, most of which can't think for themselves and are a dime a dozen.

1 - System Requirements Document
2 - System Architecture Document
3 - System Design Document
4 - Test Plan
5 - Test Case
6 - Implementation
7 - Lessons Learned
8 - Cuss-tomer Satisfaction Survey

What's really ****ed up about steps 1, 2, and 3 are that the documents are to be signed off by customers, who are typically from various departments and can rarely come to a concensus on anything.

So, the way I see it, you owe me lots and lots of money.

Please PM me and I will gladly send you the bill...

Merry Christmas
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