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Default Re: Improved ION IGP w/better VDPAU support?

I need one PCI-e 16x (or whatever the min is for a GT220) and one PCI...

So far the best ITX board I've found has one mini-PCIE and one 16x PCI-e.
So it's looking very unlikely I'll find an ITX board with any-more than that.

I guess I could get some kind of riser card that splits the 16x into one 8x & two 4x OR two 8x?
Then I could find some kind of converter that turns one of these slots into PCI 2.2?
I believe they do exist, but they may only work with 1x or 4x PCIe, not 100% sure.
Or maybe even something that converts the mini-PCIe into PCI?

But it just get too complicated I think, sigh...

I have found one mATX board that uses dual core Atom, but it uses Intel IGP.
So I may as well just get a mATX mobo with geforce 9400 + core2duo don't you reckon?
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