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Default Pagefile usage

Currently I have 6GB RAM and have built a Ramdrive with 4GB on WinXP 32bit (2GB for the pagefile and 2GB for temp folders, firefox cache etc.) so I can use the memory Windows does not recognize (it only sees 3,00GB).
Now I have two questions:

1. Why does windows swap even if there is still memory available? (that's why I put the pagefile onto the ramdrive in the first place)
2. As I said, the pagefile is 2GB. At least I set it to be 2GB, but in the task manager, the pagefile usage goes easily over 2GB, lets say 2.5GB. How? What's happening with the additional 500MB? I searched all files on my system, including hidden and system ones and there was no other pagefile.sys except the one I set up on the ramdrive (and which still is 2GB large)
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