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Default Re: 8400GS to 1080p LCD TV

Originally Posted by mathog View Post
Found it - nvidia-settings, then click on the DFP-0 device, and there is a save edid option.

One major problem with the DVI->HDMI conversion is that there is some confusion between the EDID the TV supplies and what the nvidia driver does with it. This results in somehow or other the driver telling the TV that it should look for sound on the HDMI cable, and since that comes from a DVI, which didn't have sound, there is no there there. Worse, this overrides the real analog input on the specified "DVI Audio In" jacks. Luckily this problem has been solved by others before, although you would never find that out from Samsung's PATHETIC phone in customer service. They could not tell me what was wrong, but I later found a technical note describing exactly this problem on their web site!

The fix for the sound problem is this:

1. save the edid using nvidia-settings
2. download edid_disable_exts from, build it.
3. edid_disable_exts original.edid new.edid
This chops off any extension blocks and recalculates the checksum.
4. mv new.edid /etc/X11/tvname.edid
5. edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf as in lostdog's example, to read the edid
6. restart the X11 server (ctrl-alt-backspace)

Voila, sound works!
Well a DVI->HDMI converter does/may carry sound if the video card has an SPDIF pass-trough connector. I have only experience from an 8600 card but that worked perfectly with DVI->HDMI.

Do you have this pass-trough connector on your video card and correponding output on your motherboard or soundcard?
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