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Default Complete freeze in Kubuntu 9.10 and GeForce 9500GT

I tried to install a Sparkle GeForce 9500 GT pci-e graphic card ( in Kubuntu 9.10.

If I use the default driver (nv) I can start Xorg and everything works fine.

In I try to use the proprietary nvidia driver, when I start Xorg the screen goes black and the machine freezes: I can't use mouse or keyboard. Even logging remotely with ssh doesn't work. I've to reboot the machine.

Moreover after reboot I can't find anything strange in Xorg.0.log or dmesg. I see Xorg starting, but no errors.

I tried with 190.42 (installed with Nvidia official installer script), 185.something (the one included in Kubuntu packages) and 173.something (the one included in Kubuntu packages). I've always the same effect, a black screen and hard freeze.

Do you think it could be hardware related? If this is the case, why I can use the card with nv driver? Where I can find debug information to track down the issue?

Thank you very much for your help!
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