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Default Re: SPDIF Out on X-Fi to SPDIF In on nVidia cards

Just to update this thread with new information (new to me anyway)... my original post showing where to connect for SPDIF Out is indeed correct. It needs to be on pins 7 and 9. It's true that you only get two channel audio with the basic driver setup on the X-Fi. The way to get 5.1 channel audio is to use Creatives Dolby Digital DTS Bitstream out with the Dolby Digital Live encoder. I've tried it out recently and I must say I'm very impressed. Not only do you get 5.1 channel audio, but X-Fi CMSS-3D and X-Fi Crystalizer work great with it. The only downside is Creative makes you pay extra to activate the Dolby software. It's just one way for Creative to ring more money out of you, but it's worth the $5 Creative charges you. I've tried 2 channel audio with the encoder and even that sounds much better than the standard 2 channel audio you get by default. If you are going to use the digital output on the X-Fi, I would suggest also downloading and activating the Dolby software to go along with it.
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