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Default Re: openGL gets "stuck" when window is selected (various drivers)


I've recently upgraded to Karmic Koala and have started experiencing the same problem.

I've noticed that it occurs with applications that have opengl in them.

I've attempted to upgrade my Xserver, Nvidia drivers, etc.

I started noticing the problem when running applications such as the SecondLife Emerald client (and other SL clients)... as well as Opengl code that I've written.

Usually if I grab the window and move it, the application starts working again.
(Additionally if I use the mouse scroll where to "select" the window avoids the freezing)

I've downgraded my display to either a single display and dual headed and noticed that the problem disappears. So to me it seems like the issue may be xinerama related.

Any ideas and or updates?

Thank you.

Michael W. Bogucki
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