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Question EVGA GTX-280 vs EPU-6 Engines

How do you think I can turn support of EPU 6-Engines on for cards other than:

My motherboard is fully compatible with this technology but alas it seems that Asus has blocked the support EPU VGA with my producer (EVGA GTX 280), at the same time promoting their own ENxxxxxx series.
I've already tried to 'cheat' the software and it turned out that the only solution is to:

1. Go to the and find a BIOS from which I want to take specific data -- in my case it is
2. Save my BIOS with NVFlash
3. Compare Asus and Evga BIOS and edit munfacturer info in my BIOS with NiBiTor
4. Upload new BIOS with NVFlash

I wouldnt be ecstatic to go with the steps above though -- the risk is definitely too high and I was wondering if there is any other way to get EPU 6 Engine run with my card?
I've flashed and modified my motherboard bios, but when it comes to the graphics I have no experience at all (and if something goes terribly wrong I only have AGP x8 and its ATI
That's why I'm asking here. I reckon that this topic is quite interesting and if someone has some exeperience with uploading bios of other manufacturers/modifying thenn please enter the discussion
As far as I know you shouldn't upload other bios because it could e.g. use non-reference data storage and the thing won't work anymore.
In my case I can be mistaken only once :/
For the uninformed -- what I want to solve is this :
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