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BY FAR the best backup solution for a Windows based PC is to get a Windows Home Server. Complete image backups on a daily basis. 100% automated. It backs it up in the background using minimal system resources. I played Dragon Age while the backup was running, and it ran without a hitch. Data redundancy in case one of the hard drives goes bad. And it uses an interesting compression technology. I have 12 unique image backups of my 250GB of data, and it takes up 119 GB of space on my server. If your hard drive crashes you can get it up and running in less than an hour (provided you have a replacement hard drive). If you ever need to restore a file it lets you open an individual image and select the individual file you'd like to restore.

I put a 2x750GB hot-swappable Windows Home Server together for $500. An amazing piece of technology for the price.
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