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Default The Saboteur - Official Thread

Released today on Direct2Drive, Impulse and retail. VERY good game in my opinion, so let me tell you all about it.

The last game from Pandemic, the makers of Mercenaries and Battlefront, The Saboteur is set in a highly stylized and exaggerated World War 2 setting similar to Wolfenstein. You play a member of the French resistance with a personal grudge against the Nazis. The world is black and white at first with hints of color, but as you do missions and free areas it becomes color. The gameplay is like Grand Theft Auto mixed with some Assassin's Creed climbing and athletics.

+ Controls well, aiming feels like mouse aim and keys all work well with full remapping.
+ Black and white style works amazingly well with red blood and orange fire making striking stand-outs.
+ Graphics well done for the most part, nice textures, several options like textures, draw distance and specular effects.
+ Story well presented with lovely music and direction, good voice acting.
+ RPG-like unlock system with new character options and weapons.
+ Extremely well done nudity for a video game, very classy and it makes sense for the mood and story (off by default, turn on in settings before starting the game).
+ Main character has a James Bond feel and quips... sex-driven dialogue actually works.
+ Quick save and quick load.

- No in-game AA or AF settings, must force. Forcing does work according to official forum.
- Pop-in even at max settings is a little too obvious, especially object fading.
- Distant textures are poor in the country areas, like Oblivion roughly.
- HUD is too large at high-res.
- While performance is smooth my machine runs the game at 35-40fps at max settings. Still, it does not feel jerky at all and no framerate dips were noticed, it feels smoother than some port at higher fps like Borderlands.

In summary the game is a little rough around the edges but seems extremely well presented and fun to play. PC port seems great other than the AA/AF forcing. Runs smooth, great shooting, I would say open-world game fans should go ahead and purchase this.

Some pics are below... NO AA IS APPLIED, I had not forced it yet.

I gots one of them high powered gaming computers with an EVGA GTX 480 video thingy and a Q9550 processing device and also one of them Windows 7 64 operating programs with 4GB of some Corsair 1033 DDR2 ram.

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