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Default Re: Upgrading from 9800GTX to ???

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
In your situation it certainly is.

You really haven't had to buy anything for your water cooling setup since you used it on an Athlon XP?

I plan on using my cooler for a very long time as well. Its still one of the best air coolers money can buy and I can hit 4.25Ghz on my Q9550 with it (too much voltage for my liking though ).
Yeah! A good copper CPU cooler from 10 years ago is still as good as the ones you buy now.
It cools my 3.5 ghz quadcore perfectly well. It`s loading at 45 degrees and idling at 32 to 33 degrees celcius. You could drop a few degrees on the load temp with a top of the line cooler and a bigger radiator maybe but the benefit would be very small.

The problem with GPU watercooling is that a complete cooler is extremely expensive and you can`t use it on different cards. I had such coolers on some cards and while they worked well they did improve overclocks by only maybe 20 to 30 mhz wich isn`t really worth it. I would do it on those screaming loud cards only.
The other solution is using a cpu cooler on a GPU wich actually works better but leaves the memory uncooled so you gotta take care of that as well. Hopefully my new 5770`s are silent enough so i can leave em as they are.

Edit: I had to do something. I had to buy a new mount for the CPU cooler because the socked of the XP was held by i believe 6 "noses". Now i got a simple metal bar pressing the CPU in place wich works on pretty much any socket.
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