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Unfortunately that's not the issue with my system. Both can actually start an x server manually. (My log file actually shows no errors and is indentical to the working system 1. If I remember right the last line refers to the mouse on both.) The problem is when startx tries to start kde. I just find it very strange that the system would hang when APM was started on bootup for system 2, but works fine for system 1. On nearly identical systems the bios seems to be the likely culprit for at least that problem. I'm assuming KDE may also make use of APM features, and it would follow that this may cause problems on system 2.

I'm also considering installing ACPI for Linux support.

The Grub error #28 ("Selected item does not fit into memory.") is also strange, as it only affected system 2 as well. I just did some Google searching and found that it seems to affect Asus A7N series systems (2 results at least).

Edit: I thought I'd mention startx caused system 2 to hang before the nVidia drivers were ever installed. (I've installed RH 7.3 5 times now, so I've tried a lot of different combinations.)

It really bugs me that two identical (except for video card and bios revision) systems act so differently.

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