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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Originally Posted by travisghansen View Post
It actually is working really well! I swapped hard drives and did a clean install of karmic. I added nvidia ppa and installed the 190.42 drivers, enabled effects and went my way. I turned on the benchmark tool and it was saying something like 700-900 fps. It actually seemed a little sluggish though.

I have gallium working on a different hard drive and the benchmark tool is showing 115 fps but it *feels* much smoother. Obviously I can't do vdpau with nouveau, but I'm seriously impressed given how alpha it is. It's also very nice to have KMS so logout scenarios where the server restarts doesn't leave me with a garbled screen and I can get nice boot splash
Neat!! I have GF8 hardware and sluggish compiz as well (pathetic, I know!) and was hoping nouveau helps there (havent tried it yet though). Also note that nouveau operates the card at the lowest performance possible. That could easily give you a factor of five in benchmarks.

Do you have any other nouveau experiences to share? Tried any other (at least mildly demanding) OpenGL sstuff?
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