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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Originally Posted by ledoc View Post
Neat!! I have GF8 hardware and sluggish compiz as well (pathetic, I know!) and was hoping nouveau helps there (havent tried it yet though). Also note that nouveau operates the card at the lowest performance possible. That could easily give you a factor of five in benchmarks.

Do you have any other nouveau experiences to share? Tried any other (at least mildly demanding) OpenGL sstuff?
Pretty rediculous that cards like these run sluggish and my intel X3100 is nice and smooth. Anyway, I don't have much to report on the gallium 3d front. My experience so far has been that when I have it up and running, it was super smooth with compiz. I'm running git versions of libdrm, mesa, xf86-video-nouveau, and nouveau-drm. It has been a little flaky and locked up a couple times a day. I'm not really sure which piece is at fault for that though as this is a new laptop and I don't have any track record at all. It's also got PM55 chipset which I don't think is supported the best in linux yet either.

I'll keep ya'll updated on progress though.
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