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Originally posted by ragejg
I have an XFX 5600U @ 450/850 right now... and other cards... but like I said, I wanna play with 5800 for a while... so I suppose I'm one of the very few who want anything to do with this card, though I'm sure if there were more around, the 5800 would be goin like hotcakes @ decent prices right about now...
That's cool, if you're just looking to play around. I have an ATI card as my second card myself. Either way, I think the 5600Ultra for the money is very good. I have mine at 456/878. I did try 570/878 but after about an hour the GPU froze up. My memory can hit 900mhz but I like to keep it under the max just so I don't F the card up. Much better than my old GF4 when it comes to AA and AF.

You like your 5600Ultra?
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