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Default Re: Windows 7 Officially Out Now!

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
ok, thx. I'll do the same and see if I can find a solution. All I've seen so far are clowns suggesting muting the mic.

Very helpful.

EDIT: Hehe, maybe I'm the clown

Found this on steam forums.

Will check it out when I get time tonight.

UPDATE: This is maddening, even after muting the mic in sound control panel and/or using an autoexec.cfg in L4D2 cfg, it's still hot all the time. When in game it doesn't show. Hitting the PTT gives me the 'chat' bubble etc, but it's always hot.

This is both with 7's default sounds drivers and my hardware specific (latest) drivers. It doesn't seem like any fix works for everyone either. ymmv.
This problem was happening in Vista for this guy, and here is the discussion...
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