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Default Re: Windows 7 Officially Out Now!

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I was thinking at first that it was the drivers for my sound card, then I started thinking that this has to be a bug....
From what I can see there's 2 bugs. Apparently there is an issue with L4D2 playing nice with mics, which is covered in that steam thread I posted.

There's also Win 7's (and Vista's) configuration, which isn't a bug so much as it is that's the way they set it up. Why would I want to hear myself?? I don't understand their reasoning, not to mention the fact that every fix I've found so far is a "May or may not work" type of workaround.

Very frustrating, I'm considering a decent usb mic to see if that works any better for me.

This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't work at first, then just stop. grrrr
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