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Default Re: Ubuntu 9.1; geforce2 integrated gpu; nvidia 96.43 errors; logs included

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Okay, it looks like it is AGP. I'd suggest unloading the agpgart driver in the kernel and setting the NvAGP option to make it use nvagp instead of agpgart. Also, if there are AGP options in the BIOS, you could try changing those.
Okay, we just hit the threshold of my Linux knowledge. I've never changed the contents of a kernel but am confident I can do it. I've unpacked the nvidia-96-kernel-source to a folder in my home directory so that I could browse around it and check it out. What needs to be changed and in which sub-folder can it be found. When I'm done, I imagine I'll need to repack to a .deb and overwrite the existing kernel. Thanks again for your help.
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