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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Thanks guys!!

Rev's, I want to see your new pad.

DD, it's a Samsung 61" LED DLP

DB, nice setup dude.

Dan, after reading what you said about it there was a tossup between the N460 and the LG390 but since I got a good deal on the sony I chose it instead and I am really happy the PQ is outstanding and having DTS HD MA & TrueHD the sound is just awesome not to mention the load times are smoking fast. I have been watching all of my Blu-Rays all over again. I just got it all in from UPS monday and setup this is my first receiver and speaker setup ever so I am happy it is a major difference from the ole Z-680's.

Thanks to KasuCode for the help and steering me in the right direction.
No prob dude.

Grats on your setup looks nice.
Them monitor 60s sound damn nice huh?

How do you like your Monitor 30s? I was thinking of getting some for side channels.

Ill post some revised pictures of my setup when I finish building my other new box for my 18s.

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