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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

Originally Posted by KasuCode View Post
No prob dude.

Grats on your setup looks nice.
Them monitor 60s sound damn nice huh?

How do you like your Monitor 30s? I was thinking of getting some for side channels.

Ill post some revised pictures of my setup when I finish building my other new box for my 18s.
Yeah the 60's kickass, I am glad now I went with them instead of the 50's. The 30's are really a nice surprise they really sound great as side speakers, if I add more I will probably get another pair of those. The 12" sub good lord that thing makes me jump when it goes off.

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
One of these days I'd like to get some real speakers but for now I'm just running the Onkyo speakers that came with the Onkyo receiver. They sound pretty decent but I'd like to hear some really good ones hooked up.
I set my mom up with the Onkyo 7200 HTiB system and it does sound great but you can tell a big difference with better speakers.
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