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Default Re: Two TV cards breaks Nvidia driver

Hi, here is the bug report.

Some additional info:
1. I also tried with the beta 195.22 compiled from the package in the sticky on this forum with the same result.
2. I also tried with my Twinhan VP-1030A in addition to one HVR-4000. At first try the startup halted quite early with a message about some ACPI conflict. After disabling ACPI in BIOS the startup went fine, including the Nvidia driver.
3. I had a simmilar problem a few years ago when I installed the second HVR-4000 in my older PC, but then the PC stopped even before the BIOS POST was finished. I solved this by trying different versions of BIOS for the MB, and/or possibly some changes in the BIOS setup. In light of this I have installed the latest BIOS for this new MB which is an ASUS M4N78.

Oh I realized that I did not use startx -- -logverbose 6. I will do that and then attach a new log.
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