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well dima very informative thanks!!

just a question was is the diference between back buffer and frame buffer?

can you share some info why you think is
important for the quality in future 3d graphics that video
cards have full floating point precision in the framebuffer
and texture fetch ?

again from JC...
Nvidia is the first of the consumer graphics companies to firmly understand what is going to be happening with the convergence of consumer realtime and professional offline rendering. The architectural decision in the NV30 to allow full floating point precision all the way to the framebuffer and texture fetch , instead of just in internal paths , is a good example of far sighted planning. It has been obvious to me for some time how things are going to come together, but Nvidia has made moves on both the technical and company strategic fronts that are going to accelerate my timetable over my original estimations.

a side note i think Cinefx in Nv35 will have alittle more
direcx9 goodies , i think that some of the confusion with Vertex shaders with "Nv30" ,have something to do with cineFx papers
that features will be included in NV3x products ,like
Nv30 and Nv35 and that the later will have more cool directx9
stuff .

thanks Uttar ,fixed my info.

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