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Originally posted by Smokey
UT2003 I dont think will die down at all, if anything it will get bigger, why. Well firstly there are 30 maps, and 35 personnage(?) all different. The game is beautiful, I cant belive the amount of polys there are. Also there are alot of people that love DM/TDM and also that will love bombing run...
I agree, I mean I understand the initial hype thing that a lot of games get but this is Unreal. PU is reporting that over a 36hr period there were over 1.2million d/l attempts for teh demo not to mention the increasing number of demo srv's currently running. Another thing that epic/de lucked up on is w/ bombing run. Finally we get another gametype besides the standard ones, that are actually fun to play and more challenging. I just don't see bombing run becoming just another assualt gametype either.

Who knows, maybe the same will happen for DoomIII?
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