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Originally posted by Greg
I bought one of the last 5800 non-ultras around here since it was good value. It is significantly faster than the latest 5600ultra (when multi texturing). It should overclock well, mine gets to near ultra speeds running continous tests for 12hours. The cooling fan is silent until it hits ~80degC, then it is quite loud. With room temps of 25deg, it normally runs at 40-60degC, but at near ultra speeds it gets to 90degC (card fails at ~100degC, damage at ~140degC, but has thermal protection). I would only recommend this card to people who (like myself) want it instead of the 5600 which performs a bit disapointing. I upgraded from a Geforce3 and this is significantly faster. There are some 5900 non ultras approaching these prices, and some other alternatives to consider.
I don't think the 5600Ultra is disappointing. The only thing it runs slower than a GF4 on my rig without AA or AF is 3Dmark2001. Every other game or bench it's faster with or without AA or AF turned on. Even at 456/878 the highest temp. my GPU runs at is 46c. It is slower than a 5800 but i'm also not turning my box into a furnace either.

At this point if you want an Nvidia card and want something that's not going to break the bank and is faster go for a 5900 non ultra.

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