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Default How do I remove ALL detonator drivers from WINXP?

Since my total reinstall of WINXP PRO (not sp1,) I have only installed the 30.82 set. I downloaded the new beta 40.72. I went through the typical routine: Uninstall 30.82, run the 30.xx-40.xx fix (removes redundant files,) install 40.71 etc...

The problem is when I did uninstall 30.82, WINXP loaded a 29.42 4600ti (Gateway) driver which I CANNOT uninstall via the control panel. It simply redetects again upon reboot.

I had to install 40.71 over the 29.42 gateway driver and I cannot complete a 3dmark2001SE bench (crashes to desktop and BSOD stop errors.) Quake 3 has lost 10 fps and I think it's related to the driver WINXP is installing by default. A note of curiosity: After the WINXP install last week, it would NOT install this 29.42 gateway driver.

How do I remove the 29.42 and any other driver which for some odd reason is lurking within WINXP?

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