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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by Koko56 View Post
Hmmm, I dono I though it was alright, as was the GT3. I did play with a wheel though.

But I could feel the Porsche signature, having the engine at the back.

For me it the AI ruined it for most of the game... lol The Veyron race in Nurburgring? *facepalm*
Yea, with those kinds of races, once I make it past the first corner being maybe 5-7 seconds behind the leader, I have a chance of catching up, if more, then I just restart.
It's just so so easy to spin out on some of the cars, and surprisingly hard on others. The lambos seem pretty solid, as are the mercedes. The corvette works spins out if you accelerate going straight
The engine sounds in this game are pretty awesome.
HAHA!, After trying the veyron race about 15 times, I gave up.
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