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Default Re: 2.6.32 - Missing .nv_gvi.o.d

Still no idea why this happens, but I have found a solution to it.

I create a file called, in it I put:
ln -s .tmp_nv_gvi.d .nv_gvi.o.d
ln -s .tmp_nv-vm.d .nv-vm.o.d
ln -s .tmp_os-agp.d .os-agp.o.d
ln -s .tmp_os-interface.d .os-interface.o.d
ln -s .tmp_os-registry.d .os-registry.o.d
ln -s .tmp_nv-i2c.d .nv-i2c.o.d
ln -s .tmp_nvacpi.d .nvacpi.o.d
ln -s .nvidia.mod.o.tmp .nvidia.mod.o.d

I run the installer, and accept the license agreement. Whilst it is on the "there appears to be a driver installed" screen, I go to /tmp/self......./usr/src/nv, and run my script from above.

Everything then works.

My assumption is that someone has renamed what these files are expected to be called, without changing the actual names of them. So it is failing to compile. No idea why it just started happening now, and why it happens on the older installers as well. But it does happen on older kernel versions as well. I'm still guessing something on my machine has changed, or there would be lots of people with this problem, but I can't put my finger on what it is.
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