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Default Updating from fc11 to 12. graphics driver failure

Currently running FC11, Nvidia 9500GT, drivers updated with each new kernel
using the Nvidia driver. Nuisance, but it works.

Ran the Fedora 'preupgrade' program.
[Annoyingly, default install partitions didn't leave room for the new image in /boot]

Ran fine, up until I was asked to reboot.... at which time the graphics failed.
I'm guessing that a new kernel is in use, which of course requires me to
build a new driver for it! Yet this method of update doesn't allow
that option.

Any suggestions please?

I'm thinking along the lines of
1. Boot into the old system
2. uninstall the commercial Nvidia driver
3. (I have the non-free yum sites set up)


1. Add this to the end of the kernel line in /etc/grub.conf ->
“nouveau.modeset=0 vga=0×318″

2. command: ” su -c ‘rpm -Uvh’

3. Command: “yum update”

4. For 64bit Users: “yum install kmod-nvidia *
xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686 xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.x86_64″

5. For 32bit Users: “yum install kmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686″

6. Reboot

*I run on a 64 bit machine, but use 32 bit software, hence I'd choose 5 rather
than option 6.

Then to go back to the upgrade.

Anyone know if this will work?
Do I need nouveau? Many posts suggest it should be removed.

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