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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Originally Posted by mr_helamonster View Post
I recently purchased the GeForce GT 240 (Not the 240M) as seen here:

To my surprise, the latest NVIDIA Linux drivers (190.42 stable or 195.22 beta) don't seem to support this card (yet). It seems that only the Windows driver version 195.62 supports this card.

Can anyone tell me if/when Linux support for this card is planned?
I am really looking forward to testing the vdpau support on my HTPC.

Thank you,

I have a 230M and am getting that same WAIT error. I'm running gentoo with xserver 1.7 though. However, when I run ubuntu 9.10 I am able to run with the 185.whatever drivers that comes standard without issues. I also was able to install 190.42 via the nvidia ppa and everything worked correctly as well. Have you tried the ppa ( Do the standard ubuntu drivers work? (at least it appeared you're running ubuntu)...
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