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Default Re: GTX 200 board in a vertical computer case?

Originally Posted by Twinsen64 View Post
As we all have noticed that gtx200 series cards are bulky huge and rather heavy, thus I have a question: "Is there any risk in placing this heavy card in a vertical computer case?"

The laws of physics kinda make me wonder if the PCI-E socket won't be damaged by the strain of the cards weight? Also the card itself is held in place only by the socket and the side panel with two screws...

Are the gtx200 series (especially the gtx295) cards designed so that it can safely be placed in a vertical computer case without the risk of physically damaging the card itself or the motherboard's PCI-E socket?
You don't need to worry because most motherboard manufacturers and graphic card manufacturers would have run extensive physical tests.

Unless you secure your card using cable ties instead of thumbscrews.....
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