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Default Re: Which NVIDIA Graphics Cards can display 2048x2048 ?

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post

Here's a modeline that fits to the giving timing requirements, above, but
the porch and sync timings are conservative guesstimations:

ModeLine "2048x2048" 257.00 2048 2080 2112 2174 2048 2051 2055 2080

horizontal: back porch = sync pulse = 25% of blanking time
vertical: back porch = 3 lines, sync pulse = 4 lines


Hi Bernhard,

Did how do you calculate this Modline?

From the Barco Manual... AIB (Analog Input Board)
Analog RGB/SS input on 5 BNC connectors
Make sure to use high quality cables! Signal definition
One RGB non-differential input according to:
Signal: 0.7 Vpp 3 dB
Signal input impedance : 50 ohms terminated internally
Sync: 1.0 Vpp 3 dB External Separate H & V Sync
Sync input impedance : 75 ohms terminated internally
Standard input has an addressable resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels Timing specifications
Standard timings for ATC 28" CRT based 2048 by 2048 Main Display are applicable:
Horizontal Line Frequency : 126.84 kHz
Pixel clock : 357.181 MHz
Active pixels : 2048 pixels
Hor. Blanking : 768 pixels
Refresh rate : 60 Hz
Vertical active lines : 2048
Vertical blanking lines : 66 lines
Vertical sync width : minimum 3 lines
APA (Automatic Phase Adjustment, an ON/OFF switchable lock of the display panel sampling clock
to the graphics generator pixel frequency) for optimal sampling of analog signals at all times Sync
The MDP 471 accepts only external sync, H & V separate (no Sync-on-green). DIB (Digital Input Board)
DIGITAL RGB input on single DVI connector
Can be connected with e.g. a BarcoView board PVS 5611/TD. Signal definition
One RGB digital input according to DVI specification (dual link)
Format: 2048 by 2048 at 60 Hz Refresh rate
DVI cable length: maximum 3 m

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