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Default Re: Help with FX5200 big problem!

Depends on your point of view. When I built this system, several years ago, I chose a GeforceFX5200 with 128 mb of ram and it's been great so far. Tho I am having a Linux problem with it... but I'll post about that separately. For what it's worth, my system is an ASUS A7N8X-E mobo, with an AthlonXp 3200, 1 gig of ram and a 500 watt power-supply running WinXP home.

OH... the fan on the 5200 gave out after a couple of years, and I bought a twin fan pci card to blow on it instead and it's been fine ever since. Fan card cost me $20 if I remember right.

As to the original question... could be your 300 watt PS is not adequate. Also, running WinXP on only 256 mb of ram... doesn't sound good. IMO, you need minimum 512 mb for XP to run correctly. Tho I have installed XP on systems with only 128 mb of ram... XP never worked well and was very slow.

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